About Me:

Hey guys! My name is Jesse Duvall. Yeah, I know I got a stellar name.  So, like, this is my blog. Let me tell you all about myself. I’m 24 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. Yup, City of Angels! I have a lot of interests. One of my favorite things to do is to catch some massive waves. I love surfing, like, there is no wave too big for me. I will try anything once ya know, especially a huge swell. I have a sick camper van that I drive down to catch some waves in Mexico. One day I’m gonna go to Australia and catch some waves there, seriously, I’m saving the cash right now.

So I still live with my folks, and don’t laugh because my folks are awesome, alright? So I’m also saving some cash to open a surf shop. I was going to call it Rockin Waves, but then I decided that I wanted to calls it WWAP, yeah you know, WAVES WITH A PURPOSE because my little brother has Autism  and I would donate 4% of my sales to Autism Speaks. Yeah, I got a good heart ya know. You know the California coast is awesome. You all need to come visit. My blog is gonna tell you all about it. I promise you that.

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