Reap the Excellent Health Benefits from Beer

Are you feeling guilty about drinking beer? If so, change your guilty mood! Drinking beer is not an offense. Trends have been changed and so to the study of the researchers. Recently, researchers have given the good news that consuming beer is good for health. However, there must be a certain limit for everything. Women can drink about 1 beer in a day. And men can consume two beers a day. Consuming beer with limits gives best health benefits when compared to non-beer drinkers.

Beer can be consumed anytime, and it’s good if you consume in the night to get a good sleep. Beer is not just good for health and to get good sleep, but also to get glowing skin. Besides these, it reduces the stress level, decreases the risk of heart disease, etc. Once you know the merits of drinking beer, you will definitely repent for not consuming so far!

Below are few of the surprising benefits of drinking beer. 

Minimize the Risk of Heart Disease
One of the leading research institutes in Italy has found that 31 percent of the beer consumers have been safe from heart disease. The Beer has all the natural antioxidants known as ??phenols’ which made the beer a powerful drink. And the rate of heart diseases has minimized in the people who consume beer regularly!

Safeguards from Alzheimer’s Disease
Another best advantage for Beer drinkers is to stay away from Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most popular Research Institutes in Chicago School of Medicine has pursued various studies about beer consumption. And their research made them come to the conclusion that, 23 percent of the beer drinkers are less likely to get attacked from several diseases like Alzheimer’s. Also, the silicon content in the beer protects the brain of the beer drinker, from the harmful effects of the aluminium (high level) in the body.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes
Drinking beer has also cut down the risks of diabetes when compared with the non-drinker. As per the Harvard study (2011), 25 percent of the men (middle-aged) are safe from diabetes type-2. These Men were supposed to consume about 1-2 beer per day. Because, the alcohol content that is present in the beer has increased the insulin sensitivity and minimizes the risk of diabetes.

Helps to Remove Kidney Stones
The Finland Research study has found that regular consumption of beer has minimized 40 percent of the risk factor of developing kidney stones. This becomes possible with the high amounts of water content in the beer that helps remove the harmful toxins out from the body. This assists to keep the kidney in good condition by making it function properly.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer
One of the powerful antioxidants such as ??Xanthohumol’ present in the beer has cancer curing property. This helps to sweep away all the enzymes that cause cancer in the body. Also, a certain type of chemical reaction that leads to prostate cancer in men can be prevented through moderate beer consumption. Similarly, breast cancer in women is prevented through beer consumption.

Decreases Cholesterol Levels
It is commonly known that, Cholesterol levels always get decreased by moderate beer consumption. Because, the barley that is used while producing the beer includes a kind of soluble fiber, ??Beta-Glucans’ that helps in decreasing the cholesterol levels.

Balances Blood Pressure Level
As per Harvard Study, women between the ages of 25-40 who consume regular beer have balanced Blood Pressure Level. This is absolutely the reverse order of other women who drink wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Makes Bones Strong
Beer is capable of making the bones stronger due to certain amounts of Silicon contents that increase the bone’s health. Tufts research (2009), has found that the people who consume about a 1-2 glass of beers daily have high bone density. And risks of getting fractured will be minimized when compared to non-beer drinkers.

Kicks-off Dandruff
Beer is found to be an excellent natural treatment for dandruff, which is attributed to the high yeast and vitamin B Contents. You need to rinse your hair with a bottle of beer for about at least twice a week. This kicks-off dandruff and thereby gives extra softness to the hair as well as makes them shine.

Minimize the Risk of Strokes
Many research studies such as the American Stroke Association and the Harvard School have proven results of minimizing the risk of strokes. The studies show that consuming regular amounts of beer are out of risk (50 percent) from Strokes compared to the non-beer drinkers. Daily beer consumption assists to prevent blood clots to various parts of the body and improves blood flow.

Conclusion: Drinking 1-2 beer regularly provides lots of health benefits when compared to non-beer drinkers.